Janice L. MOore


I hired Edwige because I had the feeling where art business was concerned, there was a language being spoken which I didn't fully understand. Edwige understood my goals, and was able to help me define and articulate them. She has been my interpreter. She is knowledgeable, patient, and caring.

She is organized, technically savvy, and never loses sight of the big picture. She took the time to learn what my particular needs and challenges are, and to implement a plan and goals that will work for me. I never felt I was put through a cookie cutter process.

I enjoyed working with Edwige immensely, and gained an understanding of not just the business and marketing side of art, but my own drive and motivation in creating as well. She has helped me see art as community, and not just a solo endeavor. I am extremely grateful to have found her. ― Janice L. Moore



"Edwige is a talented artist and designer who understands the creative process and how to collaborate.

She has the ability to intuit what you need and presents thoughtful and insightful solutions.

She makes it easy to work on a complex project and understands, and respects the creative vision of her clients."   Elizabeth Jabar 



"Edwige brings a wealth of experience, artistic design, and strong writing skills to her coaching.  She listens carefully to the client and is respectful of their ideas, while offering constructive criticism towards the best possible outcome.  

She has a pleasant, low-keyed personality which makes her most amiable to work with.

 I admire her intellect as well." ― Pat Taub of WOW Blog


Adria Moynihan Rusk

"I was looking for some direction and tools to help propel my creative business and working with Edwige gave me that and more.

Edwige helped me hone in on the key changes I needed to make as well as helped to highlight the things I do well.

She asked questions I didn't know I needed the answers to and gave me focus that is helping me to move forward with confidence. Edwige provided the perfect balance of being challenging, encouraging, and accommodating. I'm extremely grateful for the guidance I received and I enthusiastically recommend her to others. " 

Adria Moynihan Rusk of Still Life Studio


Marilyn Fratkman, RN, PH.D

When the Student is ready, the Teacher appears. She took on my project with confidence,  commitment, and patience.  

She provided guidance, teaching and Support.

I could not have accomplished such a professional presentation without her expertise."

― Marilyn Fratkman




"I had the pleasure of hiring Edwige to provide marketing and website development support as I launched my new business this year. I came to Edwige with a solid understanding of branding and marketing, however, I was intimidated on how to execute my vision on-line.

Immediately, Edwige equipped me with strategy tools that helped me shape and define my business mission statement objectives. This early work was profoundly helpful and kept the project on-task and on-time!

Through our initial strategy sessions and conversations, Edwige began to bring my business to life through social media and website branding. I was thoroughly impressed with her extensive digital / on-line marketing knowledge and her ability to make it relevant and applicable to my specialized business needs.

From the beginning of our working relationship, I trusted Edwige's perspective, experience and point of view. She was well researched and informed, constantly providing me with ample information and time to make well considered decisions. Above all, Edwige has an impeccable taste level and aesthetic that I respected implicitly. She delivered a beautiful website, which garners consistent positive feedback from visitors. She delivered everything that we outlined in our contract (and more) with exceptional customer service and support.

The process of working with Edwige was incredibly positive and stress-free. She is an expert in her field, quick on her feet to provide solutions and great ideas, while respectfully guiding her clients towards their desired marketing objectives. I highly recommend Edwige to anyone seeking out these services. She is an absolute pleasure to work with."

― Katie of Katie Pulsifer Coaching




"Edwige transformed my website from basically a space holder into a living breathing organism.

Her eye for design and her knowledge of how things work in a world I have no clue about helped me to come into the modern world of social media. Edwige's knowledge of all things tech and her eye for design transformed my website from a space holder to an amazing kaleidoscope of healing information. I am forever grateful."

Lisa Silverman of the Five Season Cooking School, 2015

Co-Founders of Future Mothers, Elizabeth Jabar & Colleen Kinsella

Co-Founders of Future Mothers, Elizabeth Jabar & Colleen Kinsella



“As an artist, a colleague and I hired Edwige to design a interactive site through Wordpress. We had a tremendous amount of content,i.e. images and writing representing our work. She created a very beautiful, clean, graphic and functional site that reflecting the aesthetics of both myself and my colleague. She also held info sessions where she tutored the two of us on how to navigate the site, upload content and troubleshooting site issues. Edwige's work ethic is one of high quality and efficiency.” Artist Colleen Kinsella of Future Mothers


Blue Moon Tribe dundun dancing in Bakunda.

Blue Moon Tribe dundun dancing in Bakunda.



“Edwige generously offered to consult with me and help me to strategize around my business as a self-employed dance instructor, and self-produced artist. Meeting with her was extremely enjoyable and confidence boosting. As someone who has personally remained a bit behind the times in utilizing social media as a tool for my work, Edwige offered clear and beneficial social media suggestions. She also offered me strategies to continue developing my offerings. I was really impressed with and grateful for how she supported my work, and shared her vision for ways in which I can further develop my offerings.” -- Marita Kennedy-Castro of Embody the Rhythm




"I just had a consulting session with Edwige from Creative Approach Co., and it was so helpful to talk to her about what might be the best approach for my new website, before taking to a Web-designer or Coding person...She is so down to earth and so clear in her communication. Even though I have been feeling quite overwhelmed with this process, once I spoke to her, I felt so much better -- I really felt taken care of, heard and ready to take the next steps. It was so valuable!"  Astrologer Coach Sonja Francis